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   About my training :


Monday :  Back

Thuesday :  Abs,hamstrings, calf

Wednwsday : Chest

Thursday : legs,

Friday : Arms

Saturday : Shoulder



 Keep your head up, stay focused, and never let go of your dreams!

Monday : Back   

Warm up:         img_5010.jpg

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 1 set

1, Dead lift 2x10  very heavy (around 100kg) MY  FAVORIT !!!!

2, Seated rowing (1 hand) 2x 8-10 and drop set

    (Dropset : I start heavy 6,and after take the half weight,

               and i do 10 reps 2- 3 times)

3, Chin ups, 3x max 8-10

     and Negative reps,( if u have a training parner

           good to make negative end of the sets. 

           And we use to do few extra reps as well, when i cannot make

           more, someone help me to lift up. That make more intense workout,

           u will get a better results very quickly. )

4, Lat pull down 3x 10

Tuesday: Abs,hamstring, calf


    (After the back, u have to train smaller muscle,to get nice recovery time for the back )

Abs :

1, Hanging legs raisis 2x 15-17 (my favorit abs exercise )

2, Seat up with weight 3 x20 

3, Abroller 3x 30

   Leg raisis on the bench 3x 30   Supersett: 2 exercise, NO break!


If u want six pack, u need to train your abs very fast,with very short break and very hard.

Not overtraining, No everyday!!  max 2 times a week. When u eat clean,u get it!

Wednesday: Chest

1, Incline press 3x 20...12-15 max

   after push ups 3x max 

    or bench press

2, Dips 3x as much i can

3, Fly 3x 10-15

Thursday :Legs, Glutes


1, Squat 


   Lung jump  trisett 2-3x20

2, extension 2-3 10 and drop sett

3, Glutes 2-3 10  heavy

Friday: Arms


1, TRICeps push down 3x15

2, Overhead extension 3x12

   and dis

1, Biceps curl 3x heavy and drop

2, Cable curl 3 drop or negativ around 10 reps

Saturday:  Shoulder

1, One system, 5 exercise no rest,

   after the 30 sec brreak.and 3 sets of this

 Front rais          10

 Site rais           10

 Bent elbow side rais 10

 Press               10

 bent over side rais 10




 I know that, I need that training partner to not only keep me motivat but to make sure

 I’m pushing myself to the absolute limit.  


-Turn up on time and be positive

-Lift your efforts when you are feeling tired at the end of a hard day at the office

-Spot you safely and correctly

-Keep it competitive in order to push each other appropriately.

-Give you a confidence boost when you need it

-Help you to get out that all important extra rep or set when you need it

All the best trainers and athletes have training partners.





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